Lara + Adam | Austin

I have the great honor and pleasure of working with Adam at Peak Design and he's one of my favorite people in the world - a comedic genius, a thoughtful and caring friend, an exemplary house guest, a lover of behaviorally-challenged dogs, and really just one hell of a guy with one hell of a beard. After getting to know Adam, I knew his lady friend must be one hell of a woman as well. And indeed, she is. Lara is a bonafide badass. She transformed into a 1920's movie star at the wedding, so beautiful that it was hard for me to stop staring at her long enough to take a picture. Their wedding took place on a ranch outside of Austin - complete with airstreams, Texas BBQ, and a mother/son dance that went viral. Below are just a few images from that magical day. Congrats, Adam & Lara. Love you twos mucho.