Kiko + Nick | Lucas Point Beach

Kiko was one of the first people I met my freshman year at college and I've been smitten with her ever since. We were living together in San Francisco when she and Nick met.  I can't begin to describe my love for Kiko - so many of her core values and characteristics continue to impress and inspire the hell out of me. You're a lucky man, Nick. And she, a lucky lady. 

Kiko + Nick's wedding captured everything I love about this couple - classy, beautiful and completely marching to the beat of their own unique drums. It started on Friday when I shot some of the "official business" at the Brooklyn courthouse.  The wedding ceremony took place on Saturday at 11:30am on the beach near Kiko's family's home. After lunch, speeches and dancing, everyone headed back to the beach to hang for the rest of the afternoon.  The day wrapped up with a hotdog truck, chilling on the pier, and, of course, more dancing. It was a spectacular day and I'm honored to have had the opportunity to capture it. Below are just a few of my favorites. Congrats Nick + Kiko!!