Portrait Project 2016

At long last, and just under the wire, I give you Portrait Project 2016. Making the rounds this year was more challenging and rushed than previous years due to a wee beast I now have at home and love to spend every free second staring at. But come hell or high water, I was not going to let 2016 come and go without capturing this third year of portraits. I played with light, with aperture, with composition, with lenses and opted for black and white. I began this project to force myself to continue experimenting, learning, and embracing mistakes.  I experimented, I learned, and I'm trying to embrace the mistakes.

It's been a hell of a year, both good and bad. It came, it went, and on to 2017 we go. I continue cherishing these faces, these families, and for them keep fighting the good fight as best I can.