San Francisco to Vancouver Island in Gus

We packed Gus the Bus, loaded up Milly and the Boogdog, and headed north. We didn't have an agenda or any set stops. Our plan was just to head north, camping along the way, until Gus died or we had to turn around so that I could make it back to work at the end of my maternity leave. Fortunately, and miraculously, Gus didn't die. In fact, he ran like a champ. We cruised up the California and Oregon coasts, through Washington's Olympic Peninsula and then jumped on a ferry over to the gorgeous Vancouver Island. Van life is pretty darn great - lots of playing outside, new and beautiful things each day, and quality hang time with the ones you love.  It's also a great reminder of how little you actually need. All of our stuff for 2+ weeks fit in Gus's cabinets, and even that ended up being more than we needed. It was a magical trip filled dirty bare feet, coastal air, Talking Heads on heavy rotation, the sound of wind through pine needles, watching Boogs run like a wild beast on wide open beaches and trails, nap time with Milly, local brews, and winding roads.