Molly + Alan | Dawn Ranch

Molly and Alan’s celebration was one for the books. A multi-day love fest in an extraordinary setting - The Dawn Ranch in Guerneville, California. Safari tents, redwood hikes, bike rides to the coast, inflatable animal flotillas, dancing so contagious that I couldn’t help but jump into the middle of it, toasts that would make even strangers cry, bonfires, and brother Will as MC. Aside from the whole getting-married part, the crown jewel of the weekend was when all guests competed in a circuit of games to determine the superior coast - East or West. (West won. I rest my case.) Despite varying degrees of hangover, everyone performed remarkably well and with remarkable gusto. Saturday also gave us a gift much needed in California, but undesirable on a wedding day: rain. Molly and Alan accepted it with nothing but grace and humor, and the soft light from the cloud cover was nothing but perfect for photos. Thank you, Molly and Alan, for the pleasure of shooting such a special weekend. Here are a few of my favorite images from the big day.