Portrait Project

Framily Portrait Project

A few months ago I started looking into taking some photography classes but none I looked into really knocked my socks off. Instead, I decided to assign myself a structured project to learn some new tricks. Thus was born the Framily Portrait Project.

Starting now, and continuing once every year until I'm too decrepit, I plan on taking a close-up and an environmental portrait of my Bay Area friend family. The idea is to document our framily as it grows and changes over the years - both physically and in regard to our environmental context.  

Due to perpetually busy schedules, it's taken me three months to capture these photos and there are still a few more folks to be added. In addition to being a great learning exercise, this project gave me a nice excuse to carve out a little QT with some of the people I love most in this world. Thanks to all of you for agreeing to participate in this endeavor!