Patagonia | Chile

Matt and I spent the last two weeks exploring the Chilean Patagonia. Needless to say, I wish we could have stayed two years. For the first half of the trip, we explored northern Patagonia with the specific goal of making it to the new Parque Patagonia - a fledging national park spearheaded by Kris & Doug Tompkins. Getting to the park is no easy feat. Once you fly into Santiago, you take another flight (or two if you have to stop in Puerto Montt) to Balmaceda, then an hour-long transfer to Coyhaique. Then you pick up a bus for an 8-hour ride south on the dirt Carretera Austral (fortunately this road also happens to be the most stunningly gorgeous ride EVER). Then you have the bus driver drop you on the side of the road at the entrance of another road, which you then walk or hitch-hike up the last 6+ miles to the park entrance. After a few miles of walking we were lucky to hitch a ride with the wonderful Round River crew working in the park. 

Let me tell ya, the journey is absolutely worth it. This part of Patagonia is rugged pristine beauty.  After we explored the park for a few days, we reversed course and then flew further south to backpack the W for four days in the famed Torres del Paine. We were staying in a tent (not the refugios) and happened upon some pretty horrendous weather, for which the area is notorious.  Spent an afternoon/night in pouring rain (the inside of our tent became lakeside property) and hiked through more rain, the famous winds, and finally snow.  We were about a two hour walk from the Torres when the snow storm intensified and we decided it was best to turn back. The park ended up having to close the mirador so we made the right call. I've now been to the park twice and have yet to make it to the Torres mirador. I figure it's Patagonia's way of making sure I come back. I'll happily oblige.  Without further ado, pics from the trip...

Joshua Tree

Desert colors never cease to blow my mind.  I think it's one of the most beautiful palettes. Matt and I spent last weekend exploring Joshua Tree and here are a few images from the trip.